Friday, September 09, 2005


How do i trust people when i don't even trust myself?

We only lose our temper over things we cannot comprehend.

Maturity don't just come in a single aspect. You may be mature in one way, but immature in another.

Great minds talk about ideas. Average minds talk about events. Simple minds talk about people.

Kalau hidup nak tenang, ingat dua lupakan dua: Ingat kebaikan orang pada kita, ingat kesalahan kita pada orang. Lupakan kesalahan orang pada kita, lupakan kebaikan kita pada orang.(trust me, this really works.)

Hadis Nabi SAW, sebaik2 perkara adalah perkara yang pertengahan. Always try to find the balance in everything. Extremes doesn't work.

Kita bertanggungjawab atas diri kita sendiri.Didiklah hati.

If you don't have a better idea, don't complaint.

Take charge of yourself-your life, your decisions, your feelings.

Admitting your mistakes doesn't make you a lesser person. It makes you humane.

Think outside the box. If your mind can't get out of the box, then your body must do so.

Don't bitch. Just don't. It doesn't settle the problem.

If you can't be honest by telling a person his or her own fault, the least you can do is not telling the others.

Orang yang bagus akan menarik orang lain untuk jadi bagus. Orang yang tak bagus akan menarik orang lain untuk jadi tak bagus. orang yang macam bagus akan menunjukkan hanya dia sahaja yang bagus, dan orang lain tidak.

Open your mind. Or else, you cannot open any room for discussion.

If you respect yourself, you'll certainly respect others.

Be reasonable.

Selesaikan urusanmu dengan Allah dan Dia akan menyelesaikan urusan2mu yang lain.


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