Thursday, July 21, 2005



I thought I knew you
Turns out that I didn't
I thought you knew me
I guess you never did
I thought we were having fun
Turns out that the fun was only mine

I thought you'd understand
And it would have been so different back then
I thought I'd understand
But some things go deeper than just pain
I thought we were best friends
For which we were not destined

Afraid, though, I am to say
Sometimes I blame you
Sometimes I blame me
Sometimes I wish I never met you
Or was it all wrong from the very beginning?

I decided to let go
Not too long ago
'Cause life has a long way to go
And one day
I shall look back
And see how much this help me grow

So there
Worry no more
The spirit of friendship remains unshattered
Honoured and protected

I thank you for everything
And sorry for everything else that comes along the way
I wish you luck
I wish you peace
I wish you all the happiness in the world

So long, dude.


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