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AIKOL APPRENTICE in conjunction with MILLEF 2005

The game:
Inspired by the famous tv show, Donald Trump's The Apprentice, AIKOL APPRENTICE aimed to find the first ever apprentice among the law students. Participants worked in group of three and were tested in various skills, more than just legal.

The players:
5 groups, 4 female groups and 1 male groups.

Aku, Hida and Lia.


First day, only Hida went for the briefing on behalf of our group. She had to choose the name for our group, and she chose NETWORTH, taken from the group name in the latest The Apprentice. Each participants were given a 'life tag'. Upon elimination, the life tag must be returned. We were told that there would be cameras following and recording our movement.


Project Manager: Hida

The topic was given on the first day which is defamation. So we had to read up and discuss whatever we need to prepare for the task. The time given was 20 minutes per group. It was a Nasha Aziz's case. We had Mdm. Ainul Jaria as the judge for our group in this task.

Judge's comments: We managed to build office atmosphere, managed to steer the conversation with the client to be on-track, seemed to be well-versed in client-counselling (luckily we have Hida!). Overall-we did ok.


We got the highest mark for first task! APEX CORP which had the lowest were given the chance to defend themselves. I was astonished to see them suddenly blaming each other (like what you see on TV!), where the project manager claiming that the other two members did not respect her and they counter-claimed that she was incompetent. As a result, they're fired.
At least that's what we all thought. Four group remains.


Project Manager: Zaza

Everyone had to be at Sayyidina Hamzah Sports Complex at 7.30 a.m. for the second task-selling mineral water and snacks. The time limit was until 2 p.m.The team with the lowest profit will be fired. The fastest team will get bonus marks. Our strategy was to sell to the lecturers - RM5 for mineral+2 snacks. The remainders were sold to 'unlucky' friends for RM2 per bottle and RM1 for 2 snacks. Two friends which got the bottle with the lucky number get free cd each - Kiamat Sudah Dekat and, er, I can't remember. We finished last.

Elimination was on that night. Our team managed to collect RM104, and comes second. The EXES (the one and only male group) got RM131. The group which had the lowest profit questioned the fact that the other groups used other items besides the mineral+snacks to attract buyers. Mr.Trump said they should use their own creativity, and they should have asked the committees whether that was allowed or not.

They were fired. Three group remains.

The third task was given. To be presented in two days. By this time, posters of our faces had been posted all over AIKOL as participants of AIKOL APPRENTICE.


Project Manager: Lia

Imagine. We got the task on Wednesday night. All three of us have packed schedule on Thursday, and on Friday night we have to present the sketch. And one of the judges would be Prof. Madya A. Razak Mohaideen. And there would be votings from the audiences.
So on Wednesday night we immediately read the case given, which was a murder case, make a rough list of what's needed and contacted potential 'actors'. Prepared the script on Thursday night into the wee hours of the morning. Friday morning, picked up props and still looking for actors. We got none but actresses. Friday evening, a quick rehearsal, and on 8 p.m., the staging.

The marks would be based on 60% votes, 40% judges.

The result? Again, we got the highest vote!! So it is now between The EXES and VIDE CORP. In the and, VIDE CORP was fired.


The final task was given, to be presented on the very next day.


Project Manager : Zaza

We stayed at the library from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. The task was to convince the Board of Directors of our company to invest in a new development project - a shopping complex. The presentation was at the Conference Room, Law Centre in front of two judges, Mr. Trump and his 'executives'. One of the judge was a lawyer. Another was the Dean of the Business Administrations Dept., IIUM.
We were given twenty minutes to explain the whole project, and were attacked countlessly by the judges along the way.

The EXES' task was to make a development plan for a 6,000-acres-land.

Judges' comments: Our marketing skills was good, in the sense we were quite convincing, but the proposal and our development plan was rather weak. It lacked focus and details (well, considering we're not business students, i honestly think we did ok ;p).



1. Kesian sangat hida first day tu! Aku ngan lia ada hal..takleh gi briefing. Group lain semua cukup orang. Bila tengok balik video comel je dia diri sorang2 among other groups;p

2. Kitorang asalnya main-main je nak masuk tu..tak sangka dapat sampai final. cayalah korang!

3. Dah dekat 2 minggu, tak tau lagi sape menang sampai sekarang. Orang asyik tanya je. Patutnya announce masa dinner Millef, tapi asyik kena postpone. Tapi seriously, aku tak kisah sangat. sebab banyak gila sweet memories sepanjang competition tu:) And i honestly think the challenge was worth itself.

4. Malu siot muka tampal merata AIKOL ngan kat kolej sekali. sampai ada sorang sister yang aku tak kenal tetiba tegur aku 'akak masuk Apprentice eh?good luck!'

5. The first group yang kena eliminate, siap gaduh2 tu, sebenarnya committee. diorang berlakon je nak kasi cam Apprentice real. Tak guna. Aku ingat betul-betul.

6. Paling takleh lupa kena buat legal sketch dalam masa dua hari. Kitorang 3 org la pelakon, pengarah, scriptwriter, propsmaster, dan segala-galanya. Alhamdulillah pelakon2 kitorang semua hebat-hebat walaupun semua bidan terjun ;p. Dah la takde laki, sampai watak laki pun semua pompuan yang pegang.

7. Lagi satu malu bila pergi bilik lecturer-lecturer law jual air mineral RM5. Mau tak kena kecam gila-gila. Haha. Tapi kitorang buat tebal muka gak dengan prinsip "lecturer law semua kaya-kaya..jangan risau." Tapi aku rasa memang betul. Mostly just gelakkan kitorang tapi tak banyak soal sangat. Ada yang kata "Ha, takpela, kira derma untuk korang." Baik gila! Ini aku sayang lecturer2 law ni ;p.

8. Kawan2 yang tak 'bernasib baik' dan tak berkenaan pun terpaksa beli. tapi kitorang jual RM2 kat student, except Nad. Sorry la Nad, nanti kitorang belanja ko special eh! Sayang korang semua!!

9. K. kinah ngan k. nor lagi bes. Jumaat malam tu nak present sketch, jumaat petang kitorang terserempak ngan diorang-terus ajak berlakon sebab tak cukup orang lagi. nasib baik diorang sporting, dahla berlakon memang selamba nak mampus.. lawak gile ;)

10. Sepanjang minggu tu, kitorang asyik ingatkan diri sendiri ,we're here to have fun. kalau tak tensen gak la. Stay up buat script ape sume.

11. Nasib baik ada keta Hida yang banyak berjasa...

To Hida n Lia, nice teaming up with you guys!!! We did a great job together, right?Haha.

And to all friends (and dearest law lecturers as well), yang terlibat secara langsung @ tak langsung, yang bagi moral support, pinjamkan barang-barang untuk props, berlakon, beli air mineral-siap datang kat sports complex hari tu, tolong buat skrip, vote untuk kitorang..and baaaaaaanyak lagila! THANKS A LOT!!!

Insya-Allah, kalau kitorang menang, ada la habuan untuk korang ;)


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