Tuesday, February 22, 2005


a friend of mine had a break-up recently. i'm not very close with him, though, but i've known him for quite a long time. and we have this circle of friends where words do get around among us, almost like one big family, i suppose.

they've been together for about 3 years, and now there's a third person between them. he's willing to forgive, but the girl decided otherwise. and so they broke up.

sure enough, it's not fair to blame either the girl or the guy. let their own heart judge for themselves.

what touched me was the words of the guy,

"Ketika ku sangkakan puncak sebuah cinta itu adalah mengorbankan kepentingan diri demi dia yang tersayang, rupanya kemuncak sebuah cinta itu adalah kerelaan melepaskannya pergi demi dia mencapai kebahagiaan."

i guess this would be one of the most valuable lessons he learnt in life.


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